Mixture || Guest post by Sowmya Suresh

 Today I am posting traditional mixture recipe, can be made under 30 mins with all available ingredients at home. Mixture / namkeens / savouries what ever we say it's must have for teatime munching. I feel these days due to availability of all such savouries in market, we find it's easy to buy than made. but we really don't know what artificial agents they use for more shelf life, so it's better to take out some time to prepare these stuff at home.

       This recipe was made by my friend Sowmya for our blog, i am happy to share such traditional recipe through her in our space. All viewers are welcome to send me such recipes along with recipe and food picture to gmail id prathima.shivraj1@gmail.com, let's jump to recipe with out wasting time.

Video Recipe


  • Chick Pea Flour / Besan  - 1 kg
  • Water                                - as per rqd
  • Groundnuts                      - 1 cup
  • Roasted Chana Dal          - 1 cup
  • Rice Flakes                      - 2 Cups
  • Curry Leaves                    - 6 strands
  • Salt                                    - 2 Tblspns( adjust)
  • Red Chilli Powder             - 2 Tblspns(adjust)
  • oil                                       - for deep frying


First take 500 gms of Besan / Chick Pea Flour and mix water to form consistency like shown in below picture. it's little runny for boondi.

Now heat oil in kadai for deep frying, drop batter into boondi laddle as shown in picture by stirring to drop evenly.

deep fry untill golden colour.
Take other 500 gms of besan / chickpea flour , mix water to form thick batter as shown in picture.

Now with the help of Chakli Maker squeeze into thin sev as shown in picture, fry till golden brown.

Deep fry a cup of ground nut in low flame
Deep fry roasted chickpeas in laddle itself, so that it doesn't burn.

Deep fry rice flakes also in laddle itself.

Deep fry curry leaves with strands.
Now, in a heavy large vessel mix all the ingredients , seperating leaves from strand.
Add salt, red chillipowder and toss well for even spread.
Store in airtight container so that mixture stays fresh for 15 days to a month.

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