Tomato Ketchup

 Hello all hope every one is safe and healthy , after a long break, I am postinghome made tomato sauce recipe with out preservatives.

      These days tomato ketchup must be in stock at every home. From grandparents to kids all age groups love to dip snacks for its addictable taste. But as a mom I am so worried about preservatives used in store bought one's when my kids want it every single day. So tried this home made one and surprised to see it's not at all compromising in terms of  looks or taste as store bought one.. We need only few ingredients always available at home and quick to prepare too.

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  • Tomatoes              : 500 gms(appr 6)
  • beetroot                 : small 1 inch piece (just for colour)
  • Onion                    : 1 small(optional)
  • Ginger                   : 1tspn chopped
  • Garlic                    : 3 pods
  • Salt                        : 1Tblspn(adjust)
  • Red Chilli Pwdr    : 2 tspns
  • Sugar                     : 3 Tblspns
  • Veniger/lime juice : 1 Tblspn


  1. Boil Tomatoes for 3 mins by adding sufficinet water.
  2. Let it cool , transer to mixy jar, add beetroot, onion, ginger, garlic and blend into fine paste.
  3. Strain puree for any small chunks left after blending.
  4. heat heavy bottomed pan, add puree and allow it to cook for 10 mins.
  5. Now add salt, red chilli powder, sugar and allow it to cook till puree thickens to required consistency.
  6. lastly add Veniger and switch off stove.
  7. Store in a dry glass bottle and refridgerate.
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