Kaddu Ka Halwa / Indian Famous Dessert Bottle Guard Halwa

Today I am posting no introduction required - famous Indian Dessert Kaddu Kaa Halwa .Halwa made with grated Bottlegourd .Its colour texture and taste will be unique. Main thing it can be made soo quick.We can see this in menu list in most of events in hyderabad.Lets jump to recipe.This can be consumed during navratri fastings


Bottle gourd - 2 Cups (grated)

Ghee - 2 Tblspoons

Dryfruits - 1 Tblspn any choice(ghee tossed)

Milk - 500 ml(full cream)

Meva /Khova - 1/4 Cup grated(Optional)

Food Colour - Green 3 drops

Sugar - 1 Cup (adjust acc to taste)

Cardamom Pwdr - 1tspn


1) Heat a Kadai, add ghee then add grated bottle guard, saute for 5 mins.

2)Add Milk and allow to cook for 10 mins.

3)Then add sugar, cardamom powder, Khova / any burfi / peda and allow it to cook till halwa consistency. Bottleguard mixture absorbs whole milk and turns thick.

4)Serve Hot / Chill.