Gulamba/Mango Jam

Today I am posting a very authentic dish of Karnataka and Telangana made with raw mangoes. It needs less ingredients, right now I am sharing this recipe made with jaggery for those, who are diet conscious, but can be prepared with sugar too(with same measurement as jaggery). It can be stored for minimum 1 month. 

Raw Mango - 1 cup(grated)

Jaggery/Sugar - 1 cup(grated)


  • Heat a Cooking vessel, adjust to low flame, add grated raw mango, saute for few seconds.

  • Add jaggery, mix well, saute for few minutes till it thickens(dissolved jaggery juice will be obsorbed by mango). If you saute for more time there may be chance of getting hard after cooling.

  • It can be stored for 1 month, can be serves as a topping with bread/roti's.


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