Mug Pizza

Today I am posting all age group's favorite Pizza with a twist. Yes you read it right I am going to say instant pizza without kneading dough, waiting for so much of time and ofcourse u get it in a minute with out even ordering, spending lots of bucks and waiting from food delivery.
       Wondering how ! try this mug pizza takes 2 minutes for preperation, 1 minute for baking with out fancy ingredients. Why late grab a mug and surprise your loved one's.


  • Maida / All purpose flour - 4 Tblspns
  • Baking Soda                     - 1/4 tspn
  • Baking Powder                 - 1 tspn
  • Salt                                   -  big pinch
  • Milk                                  -  3 Tblspns
  • Olive oil                            - 1 Tblspn (can replace regular one)
  • Pizza Sauce                      - 1 Tbslpn (Mix Oregano, chilliflakes                                                with regular sauce if not available)
  • Mozarella cheese              -  3 to 4 Tblspns
  • Jalpano's                          -  green, red (use any choice of                                                           veggies)


  1. Take a mug, add maida.
  2. Add baking soda, baking powder, salt and mix well.
  3. Add milk, mix well.
  4. Add Oil mix, spread evenly like a layer.
  5. Add sauce, spread like a layer.
  6. Sprinkle Cheese up to 3/4th level of cup.
  7. Bake for  1 min @ high (1200 degrees).

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