Sabudana Thalipeeth

Today I am posting a very authentic recipe Sabudana Thalipeeth usually consumed during fasting in few areas..This is must try recipe best suit for breakfast menu or even snack time too..and most importantly we can do this with easily available ingredients in very less time too..

Ingredients :

Sabudana - 1Cup

Potato -1 (boiled peeledand mashed)

Groundnut Powder. -2 Tblspns

Green Chilli Paste -1 Tblspn

Salt -as per taste

Oil -2 Tblspns

Method :

1) Soak Sabudana for 3 hours

2)Mix Sabudana with all ingredients except oil to form a dough

3) Roll into circular Roti, on butter paper/silver foil/cloth/ leaf..making a mark at centre .This step is to place roti on hot pan without breaking

4) Transfer carefully to hot pan pan , sprinkle oil ,cook give suficient amount of time as it may break if we disturb after one side done flip other side and allow it to cook till light brown.

5)Serve hot with curd

Tip :If not taking for fasting can add 2 Tblspns of rice flour..It helps to blend into perfect dough and also a good taste.