Coconut Burfi /Coconut Ladoo with single process

Today I am posting easy quick sweet recipes with one process and less than 20 mins..I made these sweets on account of rakshabandhan first thing when we hear rakshabandhan is lots of emotions, bonding , gifts, sweets..we prefer mouth watering colour full sweets storebought for this festival, but now situation is risky so avoid anything buying outside and try these melt in mouth, colourfull sweets at home ..Happy rakhsa bandhan to all.

Ingredients :

Fresh Coconut - 1 Cup peeled and grounded

Sugar. -1/2 Cup

Ghee. - 1 Tblspn

Milk - 1/4 Cup

Food( Colour Optional )- mixed with how water

Method :

1) Peel skin of coconut for white look, ground it and fry in ghee till it looses moisture

2)add milk and saute till coconut absorbs milk

3) Now add sugar and saute until cocuntut leaves pan a part

4) transfer into mould n refridgerate it for 10 mins then shape into desired

5)Add food Colour mixed in hot water to coconut mixture and shape into ladoos


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