strawberry custard pudding

Today i am posting a recipe, I never thought I would try this, its a very simple but yummy dessert made in no time with few ingredients, prepared this for shh secretly cooking challenge, my partner priya sateesh of priya's menu Challenged me with strawberries n chocolate, I have used both n it turned out awesomen vanished by kids as soon as I finished taking snaps dat too secretly I have taken photoshoot



Choco buscuits/cake slices - 3

Custard - 1 cup 

Fresh straberries - 10 sliced n whole


  • Grind buscuits to a powder

  • Prepare custard by boiling half litre of milk, 2 tablespoons of custard powder dissloved in 2 tablespoons of milk, added to boiling to thick paste by stirring continuously let it cool

  • Now take serving glass or bowl, spread a layer with biscuits/cakes

  • Spread another layer with custard now decorate sliced strawberries to corner of glass , sprinkle choco powder n place some fresh whole straw berries n pour some custard n set in refridgerator for half n hour

  • Serve chilled

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