Today I am posting everyone's favorite hyderabadi karachi buscuits, it's in my to do list from 2 years.. Now finally time arrived to try these, as my partner for this month Shh Secretly Cooking sharanya of Sara's taste buds challenged me with fruit, flour. I have used all purpose flour, tuttyfruity to bake melt in mouth tasty, easy karachi bicuits


Allpurpose flour 150gms or 1 1/4th cup
100gms cooking butter
suagar pwdrd 1cup(adjust acc to taste)
tutifruti 1/4th cup
rose essence/ vanila assence 1 teaspn
cardamom pwdr 1 teaspoon


  • Before starting process take out butte from refridgerator n keep a side to soften
  • seive flour
  • add sugar pwdr to butter n blend till light n creamy
  • To this add essence, cardamom pwdr, tutyfruity, then add flour in three batches n knead to dough with fingers
  • now shape dough to long log in a square shape n cling in film then refridgerate 1 hour
  • preheat oven for 10 mins at 180 degrees 
  • now cut like slices half inch thick sqaure shaped buscuits.. and place in a baking tary for baking at 180 degrees for 15 mins
  • check in btwn if biscuits turn lil brown at bottom then take off immedietly from oven n cool it for 5mins, then trasfer to wire rack for cooling as they will be soft inside cooling it turins crispy.
  • I use cups for mmt as it makes easy if we try with differant mmts with out any confusions esp for baking we need exact measurements.

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