Today I am posting summer refreshment cooler lemon squash, as evry summer will be incomplete without lime juice as its easy n tasty to prepare, we can make it like sqaush in bulk n can consume whenever we want by just adding water without any effort
 I am posting this to shh secretly cooking group n I am paired with veena krishna kumar of Veena's vegnation she writes a wonderful blog with vegetarion cuisine



  • 500 grams lemons or 10 to 12 lemons or 1 cup lemon juice
  • 1 cup water
  • 500 grams regular sugar 
  • 8 to 9 green cardamoms(optional)


  • Heat water by adding sugar to form string consistancy
  • Let its cool to rrom temperature
  • Squeeze lemons and add this juice to syrup (roomtemperature), add cardamom powder for flavor.
  • Store in a jar and enjoy by just adding water 


  • Squeeze lemons, add sugar and allow to sugar to dissolve keep 1 day in sunlight 
  • Store in a jar to use whenever want to consume

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Blogging became challenging for me these days with 2 kids preparing a dish is an easy task but capturing is the tough as their anxiety to tadte something new dish will make them hurry to touch the dish, but my sweet kids are understnding my blogging they are patiently waiting till captures are done.
   Today I came up with a holi themed colourful recipe of dryfruit rose milk very easy to make n percect for fest n season too. This month 
Mayuri patel challenged  me with dryfruits, flour n I used dryfruits for this month shh secretly cooking challenge, very much delighted to be in this group as it keeps me connected with my life blogging



Chilled Milk -3 cups

Badam - 6 no.s
Figs - 5
Cashews - 10
Cardamom - 3 grounded
Raisins - 5
Walnuts -4
Sugar/ honey - according to taste
Rose syrup - 3 tablespoons(optional)


  • Soak figs n raisins for 10 mins and grind to a smooth paste
  • Soak 3 badam,7 cashews, 3 walnuts gor 10 mins and reserve reamaining for topping made into small pieces
  • Now blend all the ingredients except rose milk to form a froathy shak
  • Serve chilled by adding dryfruits reserved for topping n rose syrup

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